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Image of Guy Monroe I know that you're concerned and I can help! Whether you are seeking accent softening, confidence coaching, public speaking or singing training, I GUARANTEE SUPERB RESULTS. Do you want to end Stuttering or Spasmodic Dysphonia? GET TRUE SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR CHALLENGES. Honestly, I suffered from stuttering and stage fright in the past. After 10 years of teaching and research, I am proud to offer you NEW AND EFFECTIVE, SCIENTIFIC BASED TOOLS. Challenge me! Let's lift any doubts that you may have about your abilities and amplify your best qualities! Call Me at: 512-554-8771

Honestly and compassionately, I was where you are! After 10 years of personal research, I'm PROUD to offer NEW AND EFFECTIVE, REAL WORLD RESULTS! This work is Kinder, Richer, and Better. You'll love it! Together, let's lift any doubts, amplify your best qualities! Oh yeah!!! We'll get there!! Please watch click heart image at left to watch the I LOVE YOU VIDEO!!! Call, Get help Now! 512-554-8771

Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach, author of “Vowel Diction: A New Way To Speak and Sing” is a public speaking and presentation trainer for Fortune 500 Corporations such as Dell, AMD and T-Mobile. He has worked with professional presenters, with singers and speakers, teaching them how to present and sing fearlessly and with more authority. His comprehensive method is effective for reducing heavy accents and for producing rock star quality singing. Guy Monroe offers real-world tools, which expand personal freedom and expressive abilities in people of all ages and skill levels. Guy will show you how to replace untested personal beliefs, bad habits, misinformation and self-doubt with reliable, tested, expressionistic tools which produce masterful ability in vocal and personal expression.


Bart Arnold, of AMD purchased the live Amazing Public Speaking private training program. With new tools, Bart has gone from fear to fun! Play audio to listen to his story and how Public Speaking is better than ever now!

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Birthdays? Holidays? Angel Gift? Know a special someone who could benefit greatly from greater self confidence? Perhaps a better speaking or singing voice? More adventurous? More outgoing? Get more out of their life? Purchase the gift of love! It's easy, just go here: Give a Gift Certificate! Be generous! You'll be glad you did it!


Dr. Joe Vitale - Movie Star of "The Secret" purchased the Amazing Voice singing program. Click image to play video of his story, and listen to his life-changing experience! "I'm singing and recording all because of Guy Monroe!" Thank you Guy! World-Famous author of: The Attractor Factor, The Awakening and too many books to mention!


Fashion Designer - 10 years Old! Isabella Rose of Isabella Rose Fashion purchased the live Amazing Public Speaking training program. Listen to her audio story as she talks about how Guy helped her overcome public speaking troubles quickly and easily. You too can get this as well!

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The Charisma Coach Reveals His Secret, Step-By-Step System Guaranteed To Finally Make your Voice Better Than You Ever Thought Possible – over the Next 60 Days...

Amazing Voice Audio Kit
Amazing Voice Audio Kit: A New Process

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