I’m Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach, I Promise to Show You How To Inspire Yourself More, Be More Confident and Attractive. So You Can... Influence More..  Ask for More... And Make More... 

TED Speaking Secrets, The 9 Core Concepts of Personal and Public Speaking Confidence. Here you will learn How to : (1) Control Your Voice, Make it Sound Beautiful, (2) Familiar and Attractive, (3) Deal with Negative Self-Talk, and Negative Habits, So you can be on your side. (4) How to be admired when speaking to others. (5) How to Create a Fearless Persona in front of Strangers. (6) Become a Positive Detective and Look for What’s Working When Speaking to People. (7) How to Secretly Amuse Yourself When Speaking To People, (8) How to use hand gestures, facial expression, and Movement to increase your sense of comfort and control. (9) How to get blissed out, and create a divine connection when in the spotlight.

“Guy Monroe, Is a Wizard!”... Dr. Joe Vitale - Star of The Movie ...“The Secret”.  


What’s Different About me?  I’ve got some skills, but I’m pretty much just like you.  In High School and College, I was the drama jock, and singing star, won every trophy, was regarded as outgoing, risk-taking, humorous and fearless.  You may think I’ve always been confident. Right? Unfortunately, No. 

GUY MOVES TO HOLLYWOOD  I moved to Hollywood to pursue a TV and film career. Almost immediately, I developed massive stage fright at every audition.  I didn’t know what was going on. What the hell? I lost my grip, my mojo. It was gone, gone, gone! I waited in the hall at a number of auditions, got my sides, memorized my lines, got out of my chair, went into the room, the casting director was sweet, warm and supportive, they turned on the red light to record me, the moment they hit record, I froze, felt threatened, I tried to hide my anxiety but couldn’t.  They were polite, but I still blew it. 

STAGE FRIGHT KILLS MY TV AND MOVIE CAREER DREAM  There was nothing I could do! Audition after audition, I blew it! No sense of freedom, no sense of authority, no sense of control. Whatever I had, was gone! I figured, well “you’ve either got it or you don’t” and I just don’t. The magic is gone. Whatever it is, just figured I needed a shrink, some kind of therapy or something. One day out of frustration, I took my trophies off the shelf, awards off the wall, put them in a cardboard box and threw them in the trash and gave up on my dream.

GUY BECOMES A VOICE COACH   A million years later, after many unsatisfying career choices, with the suggestion of my wife, I moved closer to my passion, by becoming a singing and voice coach, developing a number of innovations for  masterful voice training, then expanded into developing solutions for stuttering, and other “impossible” voice issues, such as spasmodic dysphonia. I really loved being a voice coach.  
GUY MONROE, BECOMES A CONFIDENCE COACH   Then one day, one of my singing  students walked up to me, confessing a serious problem, her greatest performance pain, a crippling form of presentation anxiety, she had suffered from her entire life.  She told me all about it and asked if I could help. I told her I would think about it over the weekend. Here it was, the very thing that ended my dream. How could I help her with something I suffered from as well?  I knew this was an opportunity for me to potentially fix myself as well. What was this dreadful monster? Was I willing to face my shame as well?   
DISCOVERING THE 9 CORE CONCEPTS  We began working together and slowly over time, I discovered we shared many habits in common, she revealed her cruel internal dialogue habit, how she was mean to herself, her critical thinking habit, her inability to have a good time when on stage, and more. I turned to books looking for answers, I was a frustrated coach, I tried other peoples techniques and nothing worked, until by trial and error, I slowly discovered The 9 missing pieces, The 9 Core Concepts of Personal and Public Speaking Confidence.

KINDNESS AND ALTER EGOS  I encouraged her to begin being kind to herself, and how to use her mind to create inspirational thoughts, how to create an alter-ego like so many other stars did like David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust, Elton John / Captain Fantastic, Farrokh Bulsara / Freddy Mercury, and Jennifer Lopez / Lola, Courtney Love / Cherry KooKoo, etc. to move into her passion, and trust it, and to activate her gestures and movements and make them her own. 

EVERY STUDENT GETS THE “X-FACTOR”  I began applying the discoveries to every student.  Each student was different, requiring a special mixture of the 9 Core Core Concepts.  Each person learned to replace their signature, dark negativity, with a hopeful positivity. Through trial and error I watched each student make their unique anxieties melt away.  These techniques were taking the luck out of confidence building, transforming doubtful people into skilled, confident entertainers and speakers who could sound great, be articulate, be kind to themselves, radiate an authentically positive attitude from within, have heroic qualities, and create a courageous version of themselves.  They learned, on command, how to play and have a good time, to be truthfully animated, and shine in front of others. 


That’s what I do, I show people what their “X-Factor is, how to call it forth on demand, turning it into a skill, like driving a car, just like the greatest speakers in the world. Like Dr. Joe Vitale,  Brendon Burchard, and Tony Robbins.  


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