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I’m Guy Monroe, Welcome to the Monroe Authentic Self Confidence Academy! Learn how to use actor’s secrets to become the heroic lead of your life.  How to be confident, ask for what you desire, and  inspire yourself authentically from within.  

  • Express Yourself Freely
  • Inspire Yourself Authentically
  • Speak Smoothly Without Stutter
  • Ask For What You Want
  • Sound Attractive To Everyone
  • Become Socially Confident

Strengthen your imagination, develop high self esteem and a new confident, charming and outgoing personality. 

Everything Is Better Within 30 Days! (Do The Work).

You will learn how to lower your anxiety, master your voice and become more authentic.

Secrets to Save Your Life!


Four Secrets of Vocal Control

1. VOCAL LAW 8.5x11 (1)

Vocal Law

  • How The Voice Works
  • How to Breathe Properly
  • Stop Vowel failure
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Amplify Your Voice
No one taught us the human speech has rules.  When we obey vocal law, the voice works.  When we ignore or betray vocal law, everything falls apart.  Instant relief can occur when we understand the breath, how to maintain air pressure and how to amplify our voice.
2. LANGUAGE LAW 8.5x11 (1)

Language Law

  • The Dangers Of Consonants
  • The Power Of Vowels
  • Say Your Name perfectly Every Time
  • Stop Avoiding Scary Words
  • Never Fear a Consonant Again
  • Pronounce Phrases Perfectly.
No one taught us the human language has rules.  It can sink us or save us.  When we obey language law, we sound great.  When we don’t we can begin to stutter.  Stuttering is easy to do if we were never taught how to speak properly.  Lets learn how.

Self Love

  • Find The Authentic You Within
  • Forgive Yourself For Past Sins
  • End The Negative Self Talk
  • Discover Your finest qualities
  • Share Your Finest Qualities With Others

Loving ourselves is the greatest skill to learn because with self love is forgiveness, the ability to enjoy our company and silence negative self talk.


Facing Fear

  • Calm Yourself Down When Frightened
  • Replace Fear with Inspiration
  • Find Good Evidence and Feel Good
  • Break The Social Anxiety Habit
  • Face Your Fears and Overcome Them

Facing our fears is required in life.  This training will show you how to do that and develop the confidence that lies within you. There is a way to feel the fear and do it anyway.  This course will show you how to do that.

About Guy Monroe


Guy Monroe overcame his stutter and excessive anxiety using a combination of theatre speaking and singing techniques.  he also discovered that stutterers shared a style of speech which insured they could not escape from stutter habit without support.  

After years of experimentation with stutterers and spasmodic dysphonics’, Guy discovered that stutter was a only a symptom of a number of issues requiring attention; The first, vocal ignorance; which is speaking in way which ensures vocal failure, and a number of anxiety creating habits such as negative self-talk,  vocal interference, hesitation, and distrust, social avoidance, stage fright, personal doubt and low self-esteem brought about by years of vocal frustration and social embarrassment.  

Once you understand the root causes underneath the stutter, you begin to understand how to address each element, in a short period of time language concerns, scary words and word avoidance become a thing of the past, confidence and smooth speech appears and self doubt gets replaced with personal confidence, authenticity, the ability to become socially active.

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2. Application is reviewed.

The second step, you application is reviewed to determine if a consultation is warranted based upon the information you provide, and obstacles in your path.

3. Consultation Time.

If approved, we meet for 45-60 minutes. You will receive a step-by-step success plan, if you decide to proceed, a start date created and initial payment secured.

Client Victories and Success


~ Rudr S. ~

“Now I enjoy being socially active and speaking in social situations.”

Problem : ~

Rudr suffered from vocal hesitation and did not enjoy expressing himself in social settings.

Remedies: ~

Rudr needed vocal training for vocal confidence and phone call training and lots of video training to get over social anxieties.

Today : ~

Rudr is extremely outgoing and can be seen daily going live on video for Facebook and enjoying himself. 


~ Nic D. ~

“I am a stutterer and I am speaking confidently”

Problem : ~

Nic was very depressed, angry and frustrated five months ago when we met, he was socially

Remedies: ~

The solution for Nic was vocal education, patience, and kindness and face his social anxiety by going live on camera, and starting conversations at his university.


Today : ~

Nic now has a girlfriend, raises his hand in class, and currently teaching eight other stutterers to speak smoothly as well.


~ Brandon M. ~

“Guy’s techniques are scientific, he has a fantastic multiprong approach.”

Problem : ~

Brandon’s stutter was intense which was frustrating and increased his anxiety tremendously.  

Remedies: ~

We focused initially on vocal laws, education and vowel emphasis to establish an immediate sense of control which lowered his anxiety and increased his trust.

Today: ~

Brandon’s stutter is now under his control, he  views stutter as controllable as well as his ability to lower his own anxiety during high pressure social situations.


Guy Monroe

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