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I am so happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to work with the fabulous Guy Monroe! ✨🙏🎼Guy is such a gifted singer, communicator, and frequency raiser! Not only have I seen beautiful results with my vocals in very little time, but I have also learned and continue to learn so much valuable wisdom about connecting to the music, the crowd, myself, and the universe! In addition he has helped me to prepare and get into alignment for important events, and recording sessions! Thank you Guy! If you want a vocal coach that delivers the goods and goes above and beyond Guy is definitely your Guy! 🙏

Kristen Lee
Recording Artist : Professional Singer

“Thank you Guy, for creating such a secure space for me to experience, feel and BE Me! Thank you for helping me move into the fullest expression of me! For so long I’ve felt like the kitten looking in the mirror. Now I can see the lioness. I now feel and trust I have greater access to my TRUE SELF!”

Marion Nadelwright​
Fashion Clothes Designer – Speaker​

“Guy has a personality that is magnetic to begin with and it only gets better from there! His program changed me in so many ways that I never imagined! Anyone who has human contact in their business or personal life would be smart to go to Guy! He is warm, funny, nurturing yet will push you beyond where you thought you could go! And you will laugh the whole way!”

Gerald R. Weaver​ III
Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Specialist

“My name is Celeste. I did have self doubt. My self-doubt made it hard for me to really express myself in the ways I wanted to show people. Guy Monroe really helped me come out of my self doubt. With Guy’s help I was able to get in touch with the a level of self confidence that I knew that I had inside of me. Working with Guy Monroe I found him to be very caring. If you’re looking to get in touch with your courage and your assertiveness, I would highly recommend Guy Monroe.”

Celeste Grumann​
Executive Vice President​

“I’m an artist who specializes in body painting for about 10 years.  I can’t even begin to tell you all of the positive benefits which have occurred since working with Guy Monroe.  With his help I began releasing emotions that had been locked up for so long! I can feel my heart opening! I was able to heal a traumatic past experience and it feels like layers have lifted! Just peeling away that I didn’t even know were there. Since working with Guy my art has changed, other people around me can tell the difference! I want you to experience this! I would suggest that if you feel drawn to him, even if you don’t know why you’ve come, there’s a reason. Maybe there’s a part of you that’s been separated that you’ll be able to pull back in and learn how to become whole again. To heal your heart! I highly recommend that you work with Guy Monroe to discover what lies beneath and assist you in your healing.”

Sarah Medelsonn​e
Body Painter and Mural Art Specialist​

“Hi! I’m Meghan and a contestant for Miss Austin, Beauty Pageant. I’ve worked with many coaches for years for hours upon hours and in the short period of time (one month) that I’ve worked with Guy Monroe, he brought me further in my media interview training far further than all of the training I’ve received in the past. I’m so thankful that I found him! Thanks to him, my responses I give during interviews make me sound so much smarter and intelligent. He helped me think on my feet, improvise and get to the meat of my answers. He has helped me deal with high stakes interview pressure to make me feel so much more comfortable being around people who interview which has dramatically increased my pageant scores. If you are planning to be in a beauty pageant or go out on stage and perform or deal with stage fright he is amazing. If you are on stage and feel nervous and you want to find a way to overcome stage fright, please call Guy Monroe because he is a genius!”

Meghan Johansson​
Miss Austin Texas Beauty Pageant ​

“Guy dismantled the belief system which was holding me back and helped me go beyond my defeatist self-talk. Inspiring and tremendously helpful on so many levels. Guy is really a wonderfully talented teacher and shaman of the highest order masquerading as a coach.”

Teddy Meyers​
Scuba Instructor and Personal Development Coach​

“Guy Monroe has been a real help to me. I came to Guy Monroe to help my public speaking. My first class I was kind of robotic and I didn’t have a lot of emotion, I didn’t know how to put myself into what I was reading or saying. But now, thanks to Guy’s help I have all these techniques. I now know how to use hand gestures and body movements, and my personal emotions to get into what I am saying. Guy taught me how to amuse myself and I find that when I amuse myself, I become more invested and more relaxed. I use to worry when I was speaking and when I went on stage it could be really scary. I used to worry about disappointing people and experience it to be very nerve wracking and scary. However, thanks to Guy Monroe’s techniques I’ve learned how to become confident. If you have a little bit of stage fright or are nervous when you go on stage, I definitely recommend Guy Monroe.”

Jeff Statelman​
Computer Training Specialist​

“I’ve been worrying for years that people won’t like my huge nature. I realize that those beliefs cause me to second guess my every move, shutting me down. I refuse to live that way anymore. After working with Guy Monroe, I realize that when I embrace my unique style, it allows my thoughts and expression to flow.  Tonight I have a meeting opportunity, with several potential investors. Not everyone in attendance will be as intense as I am. Some people will be intense and some people will not. When I expose what I am to others it feels good. I believe that all the intense beings like me, will recognize and resonate with my nature, the others may not and that’s OK. I’m choosing to express myself, my way. I’m confident the intense people will respond to me when I expose my natural intensity. So if you want to discover permission to share the intensity that you are with the world, you come and talk to Guy Monroe”

Jeana Sanchez​
Self-Employed Entrepreneur

“My name is Rick. I’m here in Austin, TX building a career. Recently I’ve met someone very special who helped me get my career back on track and that is Guy Monroe. If your trying to improve your career and you don’t have a coach, you need to talk to Guy Monroe. Guy is a guru at charisma, speaking effectively and public speaking techniques. He helps me get perspective. He’s like the mirror you need. Since we’ve been working together, I’ve landed a new opportunity. Without Guy’s help, I would not have had the right frame of mind, been as effective as I could have. It turns out an interview came up that I was a perfect fit for. I met with the developers. A brief 30 minute interview turned into a two and a half hour meeting. We came to a business agreement. I landed the project! I’m so excited! Without Guy’s help, I wouldn’t have landed the deal! Guy can help you pinpoint things that you may not have thought about that would help you. I highly recommend Guy Monroe. Give him a call!”

Rick Rodriguez​
Self-Employed Businessman​

“Guy Monroe teaches you a new mindset and way of thinking. I tried it on my own, reading new books. But it didn’t work. Experiencing Guy Monroe’s method really brought me out of my shell. He definitely hits the nail on the head. If you have this feeling that you’re shy, if you have always felt this way or kind of trapped in yourself and you can’t express yourself. If you feel like you’re being judged, and kind of painful shyness that you have. You don’t have to go through that any more. I highly recommend that you see Guy Monroe.”

Mike Henderson​
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist​

“Guy  Monroe has the ability to engage a person at the deepest level of their unconscious. His teaching style is not only fun, it is also growth-full, healing, and empowering. Guy Monroe has the innate ability to help you move into a trust of the teaching experience. His method is fresh, exciting and delivers.” 

Caveh Zahedi
Star of The Movie “Waking Life”, Film Maker, Author, Actor and Director​

BECAUSE AFTER GIVING TWENTY PRESENTATIONS I LOST MY VOICE…  “I am the author of the Engine 2 Diet, thank you Guy for taking my voice to the next level.  I’m learning how to speak with power and ease.  I am learning how to control my voice, keeping the resonance going, speaking from the right place and having fun, playing like a kid on stage and taking it to the next level…”

Rip Esselstyn​
“Engine 2 Diet”, Author, Manufacturer and Lecturer​

GET MORE EASE IN THE COURTROOM…. “If your an Attorney and you would like to have more power in your oral arguments, feel more at ease in the courtroom, outside of the courtroom, getting on the phone talking with clients, talking to opposing council, to come work with Guy Monroe…”

Nathan Palmer
Attorney – Austin Texas​

AND CONVEY TRUTH TO EVERYONE ELSE…  “As prosecuting Attorney for Williamson County, in Texas. I highly recommend Guy Monroe for Trial Attorneys and really anyone who wants to be able to come alive and convey truth to anyone else…”

Jackie Borcherding​
Prosecuting Atty Williamson County​

WHETHER ITS PUBLIC SPEAKING OR JUST YOUR EVERYDAY ROUTINE CALL GUY MONROE…  “I had a lot of doubts and doubts when I would go up and publicly speak. I wasn’t having fun and I needed to find a solution. Not only to help myself with public speaking but also in general with life…”

Jeremy Jones
Self-Employed Entrepreneur​

GUY SHOWED THE CAUSE AND HOW TO FIX IT…  “I have the responsibility for the global sales for the second largest computer manufacturer in the world.  After training with Guy I see where my speaking anxiety comes from. Now I can take my normal delivery of the material to higher levels of intensity…”

Bart Arnold
AMD Int’l Sales Director – Lenovo​

HE IS TAKING ME TO WHOLE NEW POSSIBILITIES…  “This is Dr. Joe Vitale, You may know me from the movie, “The Secret” or one of my many books such as “The Attractor Factor”. He is a wizard of words, a wizard of emotions…”

Dr Joe Vitale
Star of The Movie “The Secret”, Author of Too Many Books To Mention

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