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IF YOU ARE YOU CLOSE-MINDED : GO AWAY! – Yikes! Did he just say that? Absolutely! An open mind is the COST of admission!  You must be willing to Face Your Fears, open your ears and your mind if you want to take control over your voice!  This work was designed to give you back your voice!   Most people who stutter and experience Spasmodic Dysphonia are experiencing Psychogenic.

and Developmental Issues.  Sounds scary?  Not really: TRANSLATION : A Victimhood Belief System, God-Awful  fully embodied bad vocal  habits stemming from complete vocal ignorance and a lifetime of trauma induced negative reinforcement.  That’s a lot to fix isn’t it?  KNOW THIS : Many people who have suffered from “The Stutter and Blocking Effect” have managed at some point to best guess their way out of it.  A handful have even managed  to retrace their steps and show you a way out, so you can break free too,  

There is a third type of stutterer referred to as  “The Neurological  Stutterer.”  These poor souls  acquired their stutter due to physical injury (heart attacks, aneurisms, blood clots, etc.)  I am not sure to what degree these methods can assist you if you are physically damaged.  However, the majority of you are a experiencing Psychogenic, Development Stutter or Spasmodic Dysphonia.  If this is you…  Get READY FOR IT:  THERE IS NOTHING PHYSICALLY WRONG WITH VOICE.    This means your voice is CAPABLE of smooth speech EVEN while experiencing SOCIAL ANXIETY!  Then WHY do I Stutter? 

You stutter because no one taught you that the voice is a musical instrument.  You guessed how to play it and you guessed WRONG! This wrong guess repeated over and over and over until it became a habit.  Like a shitty golf swing you never fixed.  Every time you pick up a club and take swing, guess what happens?  The same thing that happened last time.  You wanna fix your swing or sign up for another “Surrender To Stutter” workshop.  Sorry no victims here. 🙂

My name is Guy Monroe.  I am a self-taught, master vocalist (sings beautifully, and can stylize their voice to desired colors and tones when speaking or singing.)  their voice when speaking.  I am not special.  There are many people who are voice masters.  What makes me special is I can train you to   speak smoothly even in high stress, highly emotional social situations.  Do you have a physical injury or just LOOK and SOUND like you do?  

These are “affectations” .  When you do this or see this you are watching people attempting to “Spit the words out”.  This is compensation and ignorance.  It “LOOKS” electrical.  IT IS NOT!  You are NOT a victim! Speaking smoothly requires you to “fight for your voice”.  More than a few techniques, the techniques, you must “Face your demons”.  So, Face your Fears, climb out of your vocal hell and get your voice back! I will help you!   Speak Smoothly is a “SKILL NOT A PILL” my brothers and sisters!

The Smooth Speech Program will teach you how to plant your feet and ask for what you want!  But you gotta want it!  Vocal confidence will be yours  when you bring out the fighter to conquer your stage fright, open your mind to learn how the voice works, start pressurizing your torso enough to make those vocal cords vibrate, then direct those vibrations into the resonating chambers of your skull  and keep them continuously vibrating by honoring long vowels and turning vowels into phrases.  These are the skills you have been denied and looking for to take the luck out of your social confidence so you can make more money, attract more friends and have the edge to create a rewarding life!” – Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach


Brandon Muffoletto says...

“As someone who’s stuttered from childhood, I can confidently say I’ve tried almost every single device, medicine and technique known to man to help my speech.

I was approached by Guy Monroe, who said he was a vocal coach who had a technique that he thought would greatly help stutterers.  As someone who has seen WAY TOO MANY SCAMS that target desperate stutterers, I hesitated but soon agreed to give it a chance.  It was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  The technique works!

Working with Guy so far has completely changed my opinion on stuttering and the ways to improve it.  I now look at words like individual tools that simply need to be used properly to get the job done.  I am finding I can trust my voice more, and I have much more control to avoid blocks and stuttering.


What Guy says and shows you, may completely blow your mind!  You may at first resist, but I promise you as a fellow stutterer, that this technique has the potential to change your life!  What you have been taught as being the right way, is in fact completely wrong for us who stutter.  Take a chance, change your life! – Brandon Muffoletto


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This is Guy Monroe…  Yes!  You can have your dream!  Do you suffer from beliefs which sound like “I’m tone deaf” or “When I get my money together, I’ll pursue my calling to be a singer” or “Who do I think I am?”  I hope not, but if you do, discover how to free yourself from beliefs which keep you from your life’s calling, mission, your reason for being here. Learn how to replace negative beliefs on your own!  A FREE Online Workshop Event with Q&A on FaceBook LIVE I’m ready to answer your questions… See you Soon! Much Love – Guy :-)

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