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Hi, This is Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach! Are you interested in private one-on-one lessons for public speaking, more social confidence, personal voice training, or stuttering remedy lessons.  What personal strengths shall we develop?  Let me give you a FREE, 45 minute sampler of  some great tools you can apply today.  No obligation.  Just fill out Strategy Call Application to set up a FREE Zoom session with me.
“The Speaker’s Edge training program will teach how certain activities create confidence and how to master them when speaking to other people by applying very specific activities.  These are the skills you’ve been looking for, to take the luck out of personal and public speaking confidence so you can make more money, attract more friends and have the edge to create a more rewarding life!” 

– Guy Monroe, The Charisma Coach

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Singer’s Edge Show : Facebook LIVE

Wednesday, April 29 @ 9AM Central Time

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Singer’s Edge Show : Facebook LIVE

Wednesday, April 29 @ 9AM Pacific Time

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Singer’s Edge Show : Facebook LIVE

Thursday, April 30 @ 10AM Australian Eastern Time

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See You Soon!  9AM LIVE : Watch Singer’s Go From.. FEAR TO POWER! Will you be next?

This is Guy Monroe…  Yes!  You can have your dream!  Do you suffer from beliefs which sound like “I’m tone deaf” or “When I get my money together, I’ll pursue my calling to be a singer” or “Who do I think I am?”  I hope not, but if you do, discover how to free yourself from beliefs which keep you from your life’s calling, mission, your reason for being here. Learn how to replace negative beliefs on your own!  A FREE Online Workshop Event with Q&A on FaceBook LIVE I’m ready to answer your questions… See you Soon! Much Love – Guy :-)

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