“I’m an artist who specializes in body painting for about 10 years.  I can’t even begin to tell you all of the positive benefits which have occurred since working with Guy Monroe.  With his help I began releasing emotions that had been locked up for so long! I can feel my heart opening! I was able to heal a traumatic past experience and it feels like layers have lifted! Just peeling away that I didn’t even know were there. Since working with Guy my art has changed, other people around me can tell the difference! I want you to experience this! I would suggest that if you feel drawn to him, even if you don’t know why you’ve come, there’s a reason. Maybe there’s a part of you that’s been separated that you’ll be able to pull back in and learn how to become whole again. To heal your heart! I highly recommend that you work with Guy Monroe to discover what lies beneath and assist you in your healing.”

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This is Guy Monroe…  Yes!  You can have your dream!  Do you suffer from beliefs which sound like “I’m tone deaf” or “When I get my money together, I’ll pursue my calling to be a singer” or “Who do I think I am?”  I hope not, but if you do, discover how to free yourself from beliefs which keep you from your life’s calling, mission, your reason for being here. Learn how to replace negative beliefs on your own!  A FREE Online Workshop Event with Q&A on FaceBook LIVE I’m ready to answer your questions… See you Soon! Much Love – Guy :-)

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