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YouTube Creators Hub #111: A Video A Day For 90 Days With Miles Beckler

Ask-Angels.com covers a specific subsection of the meditation and spirituality niche. Since it launched in 2009, Melanie has very much been the face and the voice of the brand whereas Miles has focused on growth and optimization from behind the scenes.

In October last year, Miles decided that after all this time behind the scenes, it was time to step into the spotlight. He launched his own YouTube channel to teach people what he has learned through trial and error over the past eight years of constant optimization.

In this episode, Miles explains to Mark how he has managed to get over 22,000 subscribers and almost 750,000 views over the past eight months.

Launching the Channel

So, after years of marketing and optimizing, Miles decided it was time to start creating his own content. But, instead of launching with a single video to gauge the reaction of the audience, he decided to go big.

Miles took up the 90-day challenge – create and upload 90 YouTube videos in 90 days. Being Miles, however, he didn’t stop there. He decided to over deliver on his promise to himself by carrying on for an additional 30 days!

For Miles, launching the channel with 120 videos was not simply a matter of having a back catalog of content, he wanted to flex his performance muscles. The only way to get comfortable sitting in front of a camera to talk about internet marketing is to sit in front of a camera and talk about internet marketing.

Learning through iteration is a core belief. Doing, reviewing and constantly improving is the best way to learn. Once you decide you are going to do something, just do it. Don’t wait until you are great at it or until conditions are perfect, otherwise you’ll never get anything done.

After the initial 120 videos in 120 days, Miles only did two videos for the next month. Not out of laziness but he really just needed a break.

During this time, he began to miss recording the videos. Ideas were swirling around his head. When it was time to pick up the channel again, Miles managed to find a steady rhythm that he was comfortable with. He decided to do three videos per week.

This was important. It’s crucial to find a pace that you’re comfortable with and can maintain on an ongoing basis.

Coming up with Video Topics

It’s simple, have a really, well-crafted customer avatar.

In his mind, he knows what age his viewer is, if he’s married, has kids, etc. What he concentrates on, however, is that his viewer is launching their own business.

The secret is that he focuses on that avatar as if they were an individual. He almost treats them as though they’re a coaching client and he’s giving them advice on what the next thing they should be doing with their business is.

To back this up, Miles does some research on KWFinder. This helps to confirm that there is a degree of demand for the topic but it also helps Miles to hone his message. Through this research, he can find the correct phrase to match his topic, that resonates.

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